"invalid handle "when I try to print from Notepad to networked pri



I am running 2 computers with XP Pro SP2 fully updated, ample ram, no
viruses, spyware, or other such problems.

They are cable connected through a Linksys router, both get on the internet
with no problem and I also can transfer files back and forth from either
computer with no problem ( setup of network was by Network Setup Wizard in
Control Panel and configured to allow complete file and printer sharing ).

One computer has a USB 1.1 connected printer ( HP Deskjet 6540) which is
functioning perfectly in all respects on the computer its physically
installed on.

I can't print to it from the other computer, although I have repeatedly
installed ( setup by Add A Printer in the Printers and Faxes window ) ,
uninstalled and then used printer properties/drivers to remove all the
drivers before attempting a reinstall.

When installed to the other computer, the printer shows up in My Network
Places as being installed and also shows up in the Printers/Faxes window in
Control Panel. When I click "File" and then "Print" from the dropdown menu,
and then "Find printer" from a Notepad file, the printer is shown in the
"Select Printer" box. But, if I click "File", "Print" from the dropdown menu
and then click "Print" at the very bottom of the window where the printer is
shown, I get an "Invalid Handle" message.

When printer properties are viewed from either computer, the port connection
is shown as USB001 Virtual Printer Port for USB, and the printer is listed as
HP Deskjet 6500 series.

Please advise the steps to take to correct this situation.

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