Internet Problems, but only with Google/Bing/Yahoo/Dogpile, etc.



Basically, if I click a direct link from my system to the internet to a
certain site, then it will let me on with ease.
But, when I try to search something on Google or any search engine for that
matter, it says "Network Timeout" every time. I tryed everything. My Internet
Connection is fine, my firewall settings are fine, but search engines will
not work. Not even typing the adress into my adress bar will work. Not even
google toolbar. Im suspicious because my son went on a site that
automatically put an icon on my desktop for a "Runescape Private Server"
called GodzHell. And when I get on that website (to test connection, etc.) It
works. I don't get it. If any of you have advice or need more info, just ask.

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