Internet Explorer opens twice!! Please help


Bulent D.

I am running Windows 2K on a laptop and use IE 6.0 as my
default browser.
I also have SBC Yahoo browser loaded but I have changed
the applications
in file folder properties so that all htm, html and url
files open with
IE. Everything is working fine except I have a very
bothersome problem.
Whenever I receive an email with embedded html contents
and I click on an
URL on the embedded contents, I get two (2) identical IE
pages open with
that URL. This problem occurs whether I use Eudora or
Outlook. However, if
I first save the email message as an html file and double-
click on that
file to open it in IE and then double-click the URL, only
one IE page opens
which is what is suppossed to happen.

How can I prevent IE from opening these two identical
html pages when I click on a URL
directly in the email message?

P.S. This used to work okay on this laptop and works okay
on my other
machines running a variety of OS's. So, I must have
broken something but
how can I recover?

Thanks in advance...

Bulent Dervisoglu


Feb 16, 2010
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Something I found on my computer which may help. In you browser window, go to "tools", scroll down to "manage add ons", click "toolbars & extensions", look at the list to the right of it. Scroll down until you see Java, & disable it. Then look at find "JQSIEStartDetector Impl Class" & disable it. You will notice it has the exact same publisher and file date & time as the Java. This solved the problem on my pc.

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