Internet Explorer access


Puppy Breath

Parental Controls.

No reason for your you and your wife to be using admin accounts for
day-to-day computing. That's a definite security bad practice. Set up one
password-protected admin account that nobody uses for day-to-day computing.
Give everyone a standard account for day-to-day computing. Set up parental
controls on the kids accounts.

Click the Start button in Vista, choose Help and Support, and search for
Parental Controls.

You might also want to search for "use standard account" and click the "Why
use a standard user account instead of an administrator account?" link.


I want to make it so that my children only have access to the AOL browser.
They each have thier own standard user accounts on this computer. My wife and
I have Administrator accounts. Is there a way to make IE unavailable to them
while allowing access to my wife and I?

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