Internal Zip causing probs?



Hi there,
My old pc died and I took the internal zip out an placed it into my newer pc
but I am having probs with it.
When i go to explore the zip contents 'Widows Exploring' crawls and
sometimes it hangs on me. This I find weird as the spec for my old pc
(which never gave me any probs regarding the zip) was similiar in hardware
as the new one,
old PC (the following were installed)
HD, CD-ROM, CDR-RW, FLOPPY, OS=WNT (cant remember the way the ribbons were
set up)

New PC
ATA HD, CD-ROM, CDR-RW, FLOPPY, OS=W2K (One ribbon to HD, One ribbon shared
between the std CD-Rom and the Zip, remaining 2 ribbons to the CDR-RW and
It seems that this is causing a performance problem with the zip

any suggestion would be much appreciated,
thanks a mill




My last Zip100 did almost the same thing,,,broke two machines(wouldn't boot
with it installed) after slowing down both.


I had the same problem with an internal Zip. Turns out it was some conflict
with the chipset on the motherboard. Specifically, internal Zip 100 drives
will not work with the VIA KT133 / VT82C686B chipset.
I believe there is a patch available on the Iomega website -
Try downloading the latest drivers for your mobo and Zip, it's worth a try.


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