Intellisense and template functions


Bob Altman

Hi all,

I declared a templatized function in a .hpp file in Project_A. If I insert
a reference to that function somewhere in Project_A, intellisense gives me
the function signature.

Now, in Project_B, I've included the path to Project_A's source files in the
project properties, and I've referenced the hpp file via a "#include"
statement. Project_B has no problem building, but intellisense doesn't know
anything about the function in the hpp file.

What am I missing? TIA!


Bob Altman said:
I guess I should add that this is unmanaged C++

When this happens I find deleting the *.ncb file of the project helps. Try
removing this file from the project directory (not deleting it), open the
project, rebuild(?), and see if it displays correctly.

Regards, M

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