Integration with MS Accounting on a remote database



I'm trying to migrate our current systems of Janna Contact and
Peachtree Accounting over to MS BCM and MS Accounting. Naturally, I
want to integrate the two latter products with each other, while
keeping all of the data accessible to any computer on the network. To
that end, I copied the BCM database over to our server (where it's now
being handled with Microsoft's database admin tool), along with the
converted MS Accounting database (the latter was created on the

I've tried running the BCM integration wizard in MS Accounting 2008.
Everything seemed okay, until I got to the integration part. It needs
to make a backup first, which fails:

"The Business Contact Manager for Outlook Integration Wizard did not
successfully complete the process due to the following error:

Cannot open backup device "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator
\Local Settings\Temp\303uvmjf.etr". Operating system error 5(Access
is denied.).
BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally."

Each time I've tried, the file name and extension are different. What
might be the cause of this? As you can see, I'm running as the
Administrator, so there shouldn't be any permission problems...




I've found the solution, I think. Although the user is Administrator
and has administrator access, SQL isn't the same account. It has a
separate account called sql, and that's the account that needs to be
given access to the folder.


Hello. It sounds like your trying to do what I did. It sounds like your
saying you put each seperate database, BCM and OA, on the server and tried to
integrate them there?

I integrated mine locally and the made a backup on a shared drive. Then went
to the server and used the Database Admin tool to restore the integrated
database on the server.

If you ever get updates that need to update the database, from my
experience, you have to do it locally where the software is installed. Since
I do not have OA or BCM installed on my server, I had to again make a backup
and restore the database on my local machine. Then update it, backup again
and restore again on the server.

Also, I had a port porblem. Not everything was working correctly when trying
to use OA functions, like a timesheet, in BCM. I had to go to mt SQL server
and change the port to the default port OA looks for, 5356.

I pretty much have it all working smoothly now except one thing. Since I
changed the port, when I set-up a project task in BCM, it no longer makes an
entry in my task list of the To-Do bar in Outlook 2007.




I was getting this error also and fixed it by starting SQL Server
Configuration Manager, selecting the instance (default or MSSMLBIZ) and on
the properties, setting the 'Built in account' to 'Network Service'.

After that it worked fine.

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