int[] property vs PropertyGrid


Claus Christiansen


I'm creating a control inherited from System.Windows.Forms.Control and I
want to add a public float[] property that should be visible in the

Having read "Building Windows Forms Controls and Components with Rich
Design-Time Features" part 1 & 2 on MSDN I thought this would be a breeze
(and with simple properties like in the articles it is). However, the
float[] property leaves me baffled.

I've made a FloatArrayConverter inherited from TypeConverter and
decorated the property with:
Description("Array of values")]

But entering values into the Single Collection Editor that pops up are
not persisted or even converted.

I guess I can make a workaround by creating my own UITypeEditor but it
seems that I'm 'almost there'.

I've tried letting the TypeConverter inherit from ArrayConverter and
ExpandableObjectConverter with no luck.

Any ideas?




Frank Hileman

Hello Claus,

In fact float[] cannot be deserialized properly due to a bug in MS code.
Create a struct with the float data, and a typeconverter for that, then it
should work.

Frank Hileman

check out
Animated vector graphics system
Integrated graphics editor

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