Instant search in shared mailbox? Outlook 2007 / Exchange 2003



Outlook Instant Search doesn't seem to work on shared mailboxes in Outlook
2007. Is it by design or am I just missing something?

I created two different profiles. One for my personal mailbox and shared
mailbox, another one just for shared mailbox. Both profiles use Cached
Exchange mode and offline folders. When I connected for the first time using
my deafult profile (personal + shared mailbox) and checked indexing status in
Outlook, I saw that shared mailbox was being indexed. When I check indexing
options (Tools->Instant Search->Search Options), however, I can only see my
personal mailbox and Public Folders as a choice for "Index messages in these
data files" option. Also Instant Search cannot find anything in shared
mailbox. What am I missing?

Thank you

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