instant message option grayed out in outlook 2003

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Eric and Megan Swope

Hi. I am running outlook 2003 on a windows xp home sp2 computer. I just
downloaded MSN Messenger 7.0. After receiving an e-mail, I want to send the
person an instant message. I have under the tools, options, then other tab
selected both options under persons names. These would be enabling smart
tags and displaying online status. However, when I go to the person's name
in the from line, and click on the smart tag, the send instant message
option is grayed out, even if they are online. I looked for this in the
online support, but nothing came up. Any help is appreciated if anyone has
any information. Thanks.




Hi, I have a similar problem and have just posted a question to the group. Do
you have a Instant Messenger command button on the toolbar and does this do
anything when you click on it. When I click on the smart tag I get the drop
down list with "Sign-in to Messenger" but clicking on this again does
nothing. Is this the same for you.

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