Instance Compact Control Library within Mobile IE?


Patrick Bates

I'm trying to do something on a Windows Mobile 5 device that I do often in
XP and Vista. Rather than use an ActiveX control to provide integration
between a web site and local device hardware, we began using .Net Windows
Controls on PCs.

I now need to do the same on these handhelds to access and control a barcode
scanner in the device. I wrote a new Compact Control Library in VS 2005 and
referenced it in the web page using the same manner as we do with PCs, but
the handheld doesn't appear to be even attempting to download the files, let
alone compile and use them. The files are properly available as PCs will
attempt to download them, they just can't compile them as they do not have
Compact Framework.

I suspect that the files are not downloading because the browser is by
default designed to prevent the download of ActiveX controls and that this
setting is carrying over to .Net Controls. But I can't find any samples or
examples of how to set what web sites are Trusted Sites on a handheld, or
how to change the flags for Trusted Sites to allow the downloading of signed
or unsigned ActiveX controls.

Any help would be appreciated...

Patrick Bates



Chris Tacke, eMVP

You can't do it. The CF doesn't have EE Hosting support, so there is no way
for IE to create an instance of a .NET control.


Chris Tacke, Embedded MVP
OpenNETCF Consulting
Giving back to the embedded community

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