Installing Windows 2000 only from an SBS 2000 disk



I have a migration from SBS 2000 to SBS 2003 coming up soon, and the idea is
that we rebuild the old server with Windows 2000 and set it up as a dedicated
terminal server (yes.. they have Terminal Server CALs).

Is there a way to interrupt the installation of SBS 2000 so that is only
installs Windows 2000 server, and is not recognised as an SBS server?

I asked MS and they suggested posting this question on the newsgroup.


Found this post saying it is not possible or legal to do what we were
initially intending.

From: Eugene Tan - view profile
Date: Wed, Jan 4 2006 6:56 pm
Email: "Eugene Tan" <[email protected]>
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hi Geoffrey,

If you mean to use the old server with another Windows server license,
that's fine. If you mean you plan to use the Windows server component
of SBS2000 so you can use this on the old server especially as part of
the new SBS2003 domain, then it is illegal. This has been a popular
topic recently, and I asked the same myself.

You need to consider the licensing terms, and less on how you can
break some part of the installation script in order to achieve the Win2k
to use as part of another domain.

Eugene Tan

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