installing win2K on scsi drive


Andy Chan

The system I am using is P3 733 with 384M ram, running
win98se (c drive) and win2k pro (E drive)on dual boot.

I have just installed two scsi hd on my system which
initially have 2 ata 66 hd with win2k pro installed. The
two scsi drives are attached to an Adaptec 19160
controller card and can be seen in win2k.

I want to install a fresh copy of win2k on my scsi drive
(m drive), and leave win98se on the c drive. When I boot
into dos, all the hd are recognised. When I tried to run
setup, it says setup cannot be run from dos. I created
the four dos setup floppy disks and started again. It was
ok until the screen for the choice of partition to install
win2k, only the ata partitions were displayed - none of my
scsi drives was displayed. I have also tried to run setup
in win2k, with the same result.

What can I do? Any help would be appreciated.

PS: I am just a novice.


Ernest Elf

during the installation of win2k, notice the part where it
stated press F6 for additional drivers?

now, you'll have to get the scsi drivers and load them up
before win2k can regonise them in the installation phase.

hope this helps

Andy Chan

Hi Ernest,

The scsi adapter installed alright after pressing F6.
However, the two scsi drive still didn't show - just the
ata hd partitions were visible.

I have tried booting from both the cd and the win2K boot
disks with no success. Any further ideas would be greatly



I got around this by setting bios to boot from scsi,
disconnect the IDE drives completely install win2k on scsi
disk and then set as boot disk.

make sure the bootable scsi card is configured correctly to
boot from your preferred scsi disk set as 0 drive


Andy Chan

When I set the bios to boot from scsi, the system stopped
at dmi pool ...

I then transferred system files (io.sys, msdos.sys and to the scsi hd and tried again, it booted
into dos, but how do I continue to install win2K? I don't
know how to use the four boot disks since the computer has
already been booted. I cannot use the win2K cd because
the setup program cannot be run under dos.

Can you tell me in more details how you can install win2k
after setting the bios and disconnecting the ide hd?

Help much appreciated.



set CD as first boot device (in bios) and boot from CD (it
is bootable)

or get a boot disk such as a win98 bootdisk that can see
the CD, boot into floppy then install from CD

this assumes that the scsi disk is visible to the bios or
the scsi card bios

is the scsi card bootable ? has it been configured correctly


Andy Chan

I have managed to install some files on the scsi drive.
The new problem now is the inaccessible-boot-device stop
error. I have followed the ms knowledgebase articles
225125, 302098 and 822051. Now I need to know how I can
get two files "setupldr.bin" and "setupdd.sys" to create a
new install cd. Any ideas?


Andy Chan

I clean install win2K on my C drive, make a disk image and
transfer the image to the scsi drive. I then creat a page
file (from the installation in C drive) in the scsi
drive. This is because when I disconnect all the ata
drives (making the scsi drive C:), win2K refuses to load
completely, telling me that the page file is either too
small or non-existent. Then the admin logon screen comes
up, and the cycle goes on and on (I have not used any
password on my system). After all of the above, I finally
run win2Kpro on my scsi drive.

My new problem now is: How can I reconnect my ata drives
and still be able to use the win2K on the scsi drive?

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