Installing VS - sql develop edition



I am installing VS 2008 pro,

First I uninstalled all express editions, and also sql express.

Then installing vs 2008 pro it installed sql express again.

Then inserting cd #2, for the SQL developer edition, it wants to update sql
express, but i notice with the service pack 2 that not all options are
available for the sql instance.

Should I have re-uninstalled sql express after vs2008 installed it again and
have just 1 clean developer edition on?

I am a bit confused.

In the mean time I will uninstall all sql instances and then try to
re-install from the cd from scratch.
Seeing that I can always re-install sql express if thats the way to go about




Its in midst installing - and it seemed to have worked.
I unisntalled all of everything and then reinstalled. No warnings and no
errors...almost done.


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