Installing VS.NET 2005 on 5308


Oscar Thornell


I am trying to install VS.NET 2005 (Team Ed. Arc.) on Windows Vista 5308.
The installation hangs during the "Hide_VBasicSharedDirData action..."
usually resulting in a bluescreen of death after aprox. 10 minutes..

I have tried to shutdown Windows defender services...

Tried to run Vista in "Safe Mode" and performed the installation
(unfortunately the setup requires 800x600 so I was unable to proceed...).
- Any tips on how to generate a script that would make it possible fo
rme to install under 640x480??

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do??


Zack Whittaker \(R2 Mentor\)

Well, there is a way to change your screen resolution in regedit, but not

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Oscar Thornell

Ok! Well...I dont plan on running any business critical transactions on I take the chance...
Care to tell me the keys name?


Oscar Thornell

No that is a total missunderstanding. Please read my post.

Since VS.NET fails to install in normal "user mode" in Windows Vista I would
like to try to install it in "Safe Mode".
The problem is that VS.NET setup program is designed to work in resolutions
from 800x600 and above..
Why is that a problem? It is simply so that there is no way to start the
installation since I can´t physically see the whole setup interface.. (in
other words mouse is no good...the keyboard would be the only solution...and
I will try to TAB my way through it..)

If I could change the resolution to 800x600 in SAFE MODE I could start the
installation...Safe Mode defaults to 640x480 since no video drivers are

1) The first thing is what is happening during normal installation? I
suspect a security mechanism somewhere inside Vista are the cause of my

2) The purpose of an installation during Safe Mode is to circumvent Vistas
security mechanisms/requirements for signatures and so on... (I don´t think
it is likely to work)

3) If it is impossible to change to 800x600 or higher (Safe Mode again) then
it should still be possible to install VS.NET configured to my liking via a
script that calls vs_setup.msi insteed of doing it via an UI/IA interface..


Chris Conner

Actually, the best bet is to make an unattended installation script and use
that instead. :)

I was planning on installing VS.NET 2005 myself under this build of VISTA,
but upon seeing your post, I'll make the unattended install script first.


Pierre Szwarc

Just for the heck of it I went ahead and installed it. It took over an hour,
but the (manual) install was completed without any problem. I haven't yet
tried to actually use it, though.
Pierre Szwarc
Paris, France
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"Peter Foldes" <[email protected]> a écrit dans le message de (e-mail address removed)...
Excessive Crossposting removed

To install VS2005 on this CTP of Vista is not advised and I strongly suggest
against it. Wait for the next CTP or the one's after that so there would
not be a conflict as there is one now.

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