Installing pentium 4 6x0 with old Bios


Gilles Vollant

I received a question about bios and cpu compatibility :

An user own an ASUS p5gd2 deluxe, bought somes month ago with an old Bios
(1003 or previous).

He want build a computer with this motherboard and a Pentium 4/640 say the minimal bios
version is 1006 for this cpu, but do NOT say anything like "System will not
boot with this processor before updating" (we can read this sentence on
somes motherboard for Amd Sempron 2200+, by example).

Can we assume that the Asus p5gd2 deluxe with Pentium 4/640 and an old Bios
will boot (probably with error message) and let user flash the latest bios
to have full compatibility?


From what I've read on this NG, the system probably will not boot. The bios
has to be upgraded first, or a different CPU installed - flash the bios,
then reinstall the 640 CPU

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