Installing Business Contact Manager



If I want to use the Server DB so that multiple people in my org can access a
central repository of information, do I have to do anything special in the
installation process?

Are there instructions available as to setting up the shared DB?

Also, will the Business Contact Manager sync with my handheld? (Running
Microsoft Mobile 5.0)? Thanks!



Mukesh Agarwal [MSFT]

I am assuming you are using Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007.

If your server machine is going to have Office and BCM installed, you can
just use BCM configuration wizard to create a database. Once the database is
created. goto Business Contact Manager->Database Tools->Share Database and
go through the wizard to share the database and add permissions etc. At the
end of the process, there will be an HTML file created with instructions on
how client can connect to this database.

If you want to have dedicated server and don't want to install Office and
BCM on that machine, you can follow instructions on this whitepaper


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