Installation Failure KB892130



Microsoft Update won't let me proceed until I download new software It
downloads OK, but will not install. I've tried everything' like
disconnecting my Firewall etc. etc. I've even run the WGA tool which states
that my copy of Windows XP Pro is genuine, but it still will not install.

I already run automatic updates, but now I'm worried that without this
latest update I won't be able to do that.

Can anyone help, Please?




Hello Trevor,

Ignore the header
Try this solution at <>


Now try to install your updates.

If no luck, try Dial-ª-fix


Run this program with all the functions activated in safe mºde. (F-8)

Please read the page and Scroll down about 2/3 of the way to Download


Exit Safe Mode (Rebººt)

You didn't say, or at least it's not clear, whether you tried getting the
updates using Internet Explorer, by going here:


Some new ActiveX software has to be installed on XP before your computer can
be scanned.

Just follow the prompts to do so, but it should then list and download the
same updates, and install them, as those you see in the taskbar notificatiºn.

If going to the site is successful, keep going back until there are no more
critical updates to install.

Try the updates n0w

I hope this post is helpful.

Let us know how it works ºut

The fool that used to blow out the gas now steps on it.

Bill Sanderson

You will continue to be able to run automatic update and download critical
security updates, regardless of the update you are having trouble with.


Engel you are a Star!

The Windows solutions didn't work, but "Dial a Fix" did!
Update now installed and everything fine.

Very, very many thanks.


Hi Trevor,

Your most welcome. Glad to hear all is well now, and thanks for posting back.


- -- ---


Awesome fix! I did a repair after imaging a machine to fix the hal since I
have a core duo processor and it was only using one core due to the crappy
image we have. Afterwards I found that the updates were failing. Found this
thread after searching awhile and tried it and it works like a charm. Still
trying to find a way to gracefully re-enable the second core after imaging a

Thanks Engel!



Bill Sanderson

That repair install would be the supported method, as far as I know. I
believe this is different in Vista, but I can't remember the details--not so
much that the fix would be different as that I think there are fewer hal

Here's a thread involving a user with a similar problem (but with Vista) and
how it was solved in that OS version. I'm not sure it is of any use in the
XP context, but it might be of interest anyway:




Thanks for the reply Bill. Actually that is exactly what I did. Renamed
hal.dll in system32 to hal.dll.old. Then I found halaacpi.dll and renamed it
to hal.dll and dropped it into the system32 directory. Rebooted, I got the
new hardware found message saying I needed to reboot again to make it work
correctly. Rebooted and now I have two cores poppin away. An easy clean fix.
Not too sure if the kernels are replaced with this procedure though. There
definitely is a noticeable improvement in performance. The D620 laptops are
dogs without the second core. Thanks again.

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