install shield not working



I am trying to install my mobile phone to pc, when i attach my cable to the
port after a while the install shield gives me 1150 setup has detected
incompatibable version of widows, please verify that the target sytem is
running either on window 95 (or later version) or windows NT4 5 service pack
(or later version)before running the 2.when i download the
soft ware from the origanal nokia 7610 and to confirm i reinstalled it with its self, when i try to run the installation and configure from
phone to pc, or vise versa, the installation shield wizard give me the
message 1607 unable to ininstall installshield scritpting runtime. i really
dont know what that means i am no computer wiz, can some one please help me i
wrote to msn support but so far since two weeks i have recieve no answer at
all. I dont know what to do, lost..........I have a lan connection.... please
somebody give me some help in what to do...... also i have tried downloading
xp pack 2 to which is so much being advertised about but almost every day i
try down loading it, it downloads but then i get the answer comes could not
install try again... does any one know some place where i can get help

Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP\)

Please see the following article for possible help with this issue:
Error 1607 Unable to Install InstallShield Scripting Run Time

If the above fails to resolve it, you should try contacting Nokia Tech

As to your Service Pack 2 issue, are you on a dial-up or broadband

In the future, please separate your thoughts into separate paragraphs and
separate the paragraphs by a space.

Thank You.

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