Install 2nd licensed copy of Windows XP Pro on dual-boot system



I have a dual-boot system, Windows 98SE on drive C: and Windows XP Pro on
drive D:. I want to install Windows XP Pro from scratch, in conjunction
with studying for MCSE Exam 70-210 on Windows XP Pro. My system works OK,
but the motherboard is not on the Windows XP HCL.

I have three options as I see them:

1. Buy a new system (motherboard, drives, video, the whole nine yards) and
use this for my practice system. Pretty expensive.

2. Backup the Windows 98 SE drive (C:), remove the Windows 98 SE, and
install a 2nd licensed copy of Windows XP Pro on there. Doable, but how do
I do it on a dual-boot system?

3. Backup the Windows XP Pro drive (D:), remove everything, and do the
install as stated in the exam study materials. This would be a lot of work,
because all my apps would have to be reinstalled, files restored, etc.

I am leaning towards the first option because I think I will have a better
system in the long run if I make sure I start with a totally HCL-compatible

Any advice, TIA.



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