Inspiron 1000 RAM Upgrade



I read a bunch of posts about the supposed maximum limit on the amount
of RAM a Dell Inspiron 1000 can take, eg:"+maximum+ram+512MB#501f55994c4dd8d3

I prevaricated for a while but eventually decided to bite the bullet
and bought a 1GB stick of RAM.

To my surprise it worked! The BIOS registered 1280MB RAM (256MB built
in + 1024MB on the chip). When I booted into XP it told me I have
1.18GB of RAM (I'm not sure why it's 1.18 instead of 1.25 but
presumably it's just an artifact of rounding).

I used 1GB PC2700 333MHz DDR SO-DIMM RAM from newegg:

The brand of my RAM is GSkill. ("We are GSkill. Great Skill in Memory

Hope this helps someone else with the same problem.

Bruce Chambers

Rob wrote:
I prevaricated for a while .....

And what, precisely, were you lying about?


Bruce Chambers

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