Inserting blank pages



I am using Word 2007 and inserted a cover page using the Sidelines design at
the beginning of a long document. Following that page, I want to insert a
blank page. When I use the Blank Page command on the Insert tab, it inserts 2
blank pages. If I use Ctrl+Enter, only one blank page is inserted. Why are
two blank pages being inserted?

Thanks for your help!



Stefan Blom

The reason is probably that Word tries to preserve the layout of the
inserted cover page (though not very successfully). To work around it, just
place the insertion point at the beginning of the page that should be
preceded by a break. In the long run, however, you would be better off using
an Odd Page section break, assuming that the goal is to have the first page
following the cover page start on an odd-numbered page.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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