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I have Microsoft outlook 2002 for XP. In the other
version I was using I had an option under "insert" to put
in a signature when I typed an email. In this version I
don't have that option. I have two signatures saved in
the signature picker but it seems like I can only insert
them if I select them in that menu. Sometimes I send
letters for my boss and want to put his name at the bottom
instead of mine.



Robert Findlay [MSFT]

You should be able to accomplish this by creating the signature you want to
1. On the Tools menu, click Options, click the Mail Format tab, and specify
Signature for New Messages, Signature for Replies and Forwards, or both.
Then when you want to use the signature instead of your default signature:
2. In the e-mail message, right-click the existing signature, and then
click the name of the signature that you want to use.

Hopefully this will resolve your issue.

Robert Findlay
Partner Technical Lead -- Outlook/Office Setup
Microsoft Technical Support for Platforms and Business Applications


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