Insert Sheet Template Image broken (2010)


Clif McIrvin

I have a worksheet template that sometimes is inserted by VBA code, and
other times by using the right-click context menu from a sheet tab.
Since we changed from xl2003 to 2010 I have noticed that sometimes the
embedded image on the template comes in A-OK, and sometimes it is

When the image comes in broken, the placeholder contains the text "This
image cannot currently be displayed."

Just now, I noticed that on sheets that had been inserted some time
previous (by a different user; but I suspect that is not significant) -
the workbook has been saved and re-opened multiple times since - the
image placeholder text reads "The image part with relationship ID rId1
was not found in the file."

I have been experimenting to try and discover what is happening. So far
I have observed that if the template is located on the fileserver the
image in the inserted copy is broken, but if the template is located on
the local C: drive the image is not broken. However, if I *open* the
template located on the server, the image is not broken.

Any suggestions?


Oct 12, 2011
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Hi Clif,

Issue: when using VBA code to copy tabs containing images from a template sheet to another workbook, the image placeholder contains the following error: “The image part with relationship ID rId1 was not found in the file”

Workaround - Have the image in your working directory where your template is. Delete the current image in the template file, and reinsert the image using the following process:

From the Excel insert tab click picture, then navigate to the image.

Select the image, but instead of clicking on the insert button, click the down arrow on the side of the insert button and choose the "Insert and Link" option.

The link part will allow the VBA code to copy the image, and the insert part embeds the image so the source image is no longer necessary.

At least this has worked for me. I hope this helps

George Kellogg

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