Input on Main Form AfterUpdate for Subform



I have a main form "Payments" that contains a users input for Date & cheque
now I tried to make the subform "payment by supplier" a child by "OrderID"
as both tables contain the field, but when I did that it made all the unpaid
invoices dissapear because of course there is nothing in the payments table
to link them. The subform contains all the data of unpaid invoices Invoice
#, customer, amount, owing, etc, etc. Right now for all the correct data to
go where it's supposed to the user has to enter in the amount paid (which I
want to keep) but also has to enter for each invoice paid the cheque number
& the date, I ended up just removing the Date & cheque number from the main
form as it was only teasing everyone, what should I put in the "AmountPaid"
AfterUpdate event to trigger the date & cheque# fields in the subform.


On the Main form I made 2 unbound fields one "chqnum" & the other "chqdate",
in the subform I created an AferUpdate
on the AmountPaid field

Private Sub PaymentAmount_AfterUpdate()

PaymentDate = chqdate
ChequeNumber = chqnum

End Sub

While it does put data in the fields I requested the numbers are not
correct, the date is incorrect and the chequeNumber is 0
what else do I need to add to get the correct data?

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