Ink Clogging Epson 820 vs HP 7760


Ken Hall

I have an Epson 820. It has constant ink clogging problems. God
knows how much ink we waste cleaning the nozzles. I had an HP before
the Epson and it never had ink problems. There's a good deal on the
HP7760 right now and it gets reasonably good ratings. How's the
clogging problem with it -- anybody know?



The Canon IP4000 is great. I use OEM ink exclusively and have not had a
clogging problem. Most of the time but not all the majority of reported
clogging problems have been from users who are or have used aftermarket
inks in their printers.

The HP does have an advantage if you are printing very infrequently
since you get a new printhead each time you get new ink but it is more
expensive to run.

Canon is in the process of releasing the IP4200. They claim they have
improved the ink and use a 1pl drop size but it is slower and has fewer
nozzles in its head.


If you want to try to fix the clogging problem look up Arthur Entlich's
recent posts and email him. He has an Epson printhead cleaning manual
that may help you. It goes beyond the cleaning cycles that are in the
printer driver. I saved an Epson Stylus Color 900 printer with his
instructions. Very simple stuff and using common household materials. If a
clog isn't fully cleaned it is easy to get clogged again and again. If the
HP you mentioned has cartridges with their own print heads clogging is less
of an issue because you get a new printhead each time you change the
cartridge. You do pay dearly for that benefit, however.

Arthur Entlich

Hi Ken,

If you have not done so, you may wish to request me Epson Cleaning
Manual, which may help to resolve your clogging issues with your 820.

Email me using the address used in the subject header and request a copy
if you wish.

The 820 has more clogging problems than most Epson printers due to
manufacturing tolerances being off, and the head not parking properly/.
Giving the head a mild push to the right after it parks sometimes
helps, as does leaving the paper thickness adjustment at minimum after
printing .



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