Inherited Treeview control with dynamic context menu.

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Chris Murphy via

Hi all, I'm just wondering if any one can help me with this development
issue I'm having. I've created a customized treeview control to handle the
particular tasks to which I'll be using it. Within the control I'm
dynamically creating a context menu and assigning it to the ContextMenu
property of the control -- think of this like the default context menu for
standard textboxes -- the context menu has a number of menu items that
reflect certain operations: add/edit/delete etc.

I have NO problems creating the actual menu itself, and in the test
application it displays correctly with all the items I've added to it. What
I DO have a problem with is that I cannot seem to access the events
associated with the menu like you would on normal form.

Here are some code snippets to illustrate:

Friend WithEvents __InternalContextMenu As New ContextMenu
Private Sub CreateContextMenu()
'add items to the context menu
With Me.__InternalContextMenu
.MenuItems.Add("Add Node Type A")
.MenuItems.Add("Add Node Type B")
.MenuItems.Add("Add Node Type C")
.MenuItems.Add("Add Node Type D")
.MenuItems.Add("Delete Node Type A")
.MenuItems.Add("Delete Node Type B")
.MenuItems.Add("Delete Node Type C")
.MenuItems.Add("Delete Node Type D")
End With

'Set the MyTreeView ContextMenu property
'to use this default one:
Me.ContextMenu = Me.__InternalContextMenu
Catch ex As Exception
Dim ErrHandler As New ErrorLog(ex, MyAppPath())
Exit Sub
End Try
End Sub

The routine is being called from the Treeview's constructor.

How do I Add event handler to deal with click events on the context menu?

Any help from you pros out there would be very, very much appreciated.



Mike Andrews

I believe this should help you:
Private Sub CreateContextMenu()
Dim cm As New ContextMenu
Dim m As MenuItem
m = cm.MenuItems.Add("Test1")
AddHandler m.Click, AddressOf ContextMenuHandler

m = cm.MenuItems.Add("Test2")
AddHandler m.Click, AddressOf ContextMenuHandler
End Sub
Private Sub ContextMenuHandler(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
Select Case CType(sender, MenuItem).Text
Case "Test1"
Case "Test2"
End Select
End Sub

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