Jairo Patiño

Hi, i´m editing policies for somes users of my company. When i´m looking in
Audit Policy, i see that Audit Directory Services Acces is enabled. I´m
watching in my Default Domain Policy and is Disabled. When i watch in
Default Domain Controllers Policy is enabled in success. The computers are
in a new OU. Why this OU is inheriting policies from Default Domain
Controllers Policy.? This machines are Windows 2000 Professional.

Sorry for my poor English!!!


Is this OU an child OU under the Domain Controllers OU like

Domain Controllers
|--- OU

How ever if this is the case. A child ou always inheriting policies from the
parent OU, there is a option called Block Policy Inheritance you can set to
the OU Object. This setting is located at the Group Policy tab of the OU
Properties. If one ore more Policies are in conflict to each other like you
have set different values for the Policy objects. as an example, You disable
the command line in a setting of the Default Domain Policy at the domain
level, and define a policy to make sure users can use the command line, then
you can set No Override to that Group policy object. to ensure this policy
is not override by inheritance.


Christoffer Andersson
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