Infuriating IE6 problems


Andy Kirkland


I am having a severe headache with IE6 on my laptop with a couple of

I cannot load at all - the page downloads (I can see it
in view source), but it never displays - the progess bar shows that there is
stuff to be done still and it never loads up!

With eBay, if I try and sign in when I click "submit", the page just waits
and waits - no error messages, nothing.

I have Googled for ages trying to find a solution but to no avail.

Annoyingly, the desktop PC on my network can do the eBay thing fine, but
also has the problem.

I am using WinXP Pro SP1. IE6 6.0.2800.1106 on an IBM Thinkpad A31p. The
problems occur whether I am docked, using WiFi or even on dial up.

Anyone got any ideas??? I've tried clearing cookies, deleting temp files
(properly), changing security settings and rebuilding IE.



Andy, I'm having infuriating problems as well. Driving me
to a point of wanting to switch browsers altogether. Mine
is an auto delete of username and password on secure sites
when I have autosave function enabled. Doesn't matter how
I change security settling, logon authentication info,
privacy ratings ... i get blank screen prompts on every
page of a secure site where my website is located, yet on
other sites, auto save password info works fine. Only had
this problem after updating critical patch from5.5 to IE6.
Cannot find a troubleshooter on this issue. Anyone out
there have the same problem and know how to fix it?


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