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I have two columns of data for 2004-2007; one column has days and the other
column has rainfall data for that day. I want to find the month associated
with the largest rainfall instead of sorting the data in ascending/descending
order. Will VLOOKUP work for this task? I am not familiar with VLOOKUP and
the help in Excel did not offer much guidance.


Shane Devenshire


If the first column just contains days, not dates, you task will be more
difficult. You would need to tell us how those days are entered: 1-365 or
1-31,1-28,1-31 or Monday, Tuesday... for everyday starting on the first of
the year?

If they are dates, not days, then with the rainfall in B2:B19 and the dates
in A2:A19 you could use the formula already given you:


And then just select the cell with the formula and choose Format, Cells,
Number, Custom and type MMM into the Type line.

or if you range name B2:B19 "I" for inches of rain and choose OFFSET
instead of INDEX:



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