Info about installing Update Rollup 1 for Windows XP



My HD is failing, and I'll be getting a new one. For me the most annoying
part of reinstalling Windows is downloading all the updates and the numerous

The WindowsXP installation disk I have includes SP1a.

My question is, once I install Windows, can I simply install the Update
Rollup (826939)? It seems straight forward, but in my experience nothing is
ever that easy, so I was just wondering if anyone has done this and
everything went smoothly.

Thank you!



I thought of doing that, or one of the other methods for transferring data
from an old HD to a new one, but I think I would rather just do a complete

Mostly because I suspect that there might be some problems with the current
installation, due to (I think) corruption problems from the failing HD. I
know that since the last time I reinstalled Windows, I have been having some
trouble with the USB ports and drivers, which I did not originally have

In any event, thank you for taking the time to respond!


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