infinite loop and the driver ati2dvag Fix



I figured I would post this message to help people out. The infinite
loop is a general message that posts to your system. The message is
of course directly related to your Video Card adapter-driver. If is
not specific to just one issue. People with Nvida cards, AMD
motherboards, and other configurations can all have this issue.

When you experience this problem ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I have the most recent drivers for the Intel/AMD Chipset.
Note: For example: Asus p4g8x- were shipped older drivers! If you
installed the drivers off the disk included in your bundle go to the
intel site and download the newest patch!

Most likely this will solve your issue.

2. Also, take note to be sure to uninstall your ATI drivers, and then
install the newest versions.

3. Make sure you have a Antec True Power Supply too... just because
your power source says 350 Watts...means nothing. See Tom's harware
for power supply artilces.

Hope this helps.


Hi folks,

glad to tell ya, that my ati2dvag error is gone. But I have to admit
that it was none of the above mentioned tricks to cure it but my wife s
idea to get the card out of the computer and to clean it carefully.
Tons of dirt came out and when I put it back in, all ran fine like in
our honeymoon.

So add this tip to the above mentioned:

.... clean ... your video-adapter

hope this will help to cure these f errors on your systems,

Gx Archduke


I also got rid of the bug. But I made no hardware changes. I had saved a
disk image from a month earlier before I updated the ATI drivers. Since
restoring that disk image - no loop. After restoring, I noticed that "Fast
Writes" were disabled in my previous configuration. When I had installed
the newer drivers, they had set this to enabled. I don't know if that was
the cause, and I'm not changing anything to find out either.

I'll live with the installed video driver as long as I possibly can now.

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