Consider the following formula:


If I run that formula using the following dates:

(02/25/2005+1094)-02/25/2008, the answer is -1.00.

If I run the same formula with these dates:

(04/16/2005+1094)-04/16/2008, the answer is -2.00!

HELP!! How can this happen?!

In case you're wondering, 2005 was NOT a leap year (2004 and 2008 were).

Bob Phillips

Exactly, so the second includes an extra day for 2008.



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David Biddulph

You've answered the question yourself. 2008 was a leap year.

From 25 Feb 2005 to 25 Feb 2008 is 1095 days (3 * 365)
From 16 Apr 2005 to 16 Apr 2008 is 1096 days (3 * 365, + leap year day in

John C

You are correct, 2008 was a leap year.....

therefore, on your second formula to go from 4/16/05 to 4/16/08 takes 1
'extra' day (because of Feb 29, 2008, which does not fall in the range of
your first formula). Therefore, because of the 1 extra day, it is a result of
-2, instead of -1.

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