Indirect formula errors if file is closed



Sorry as this is not correct group for formulas but could not get any reply on my post in microsoft.public.excel.worksheet.functions

I am using indirect formula in vlookup to get values from a specific date.
All data files are named as "myfile yyyy mm dd.xlsx"

Indirect formula refers to a date for which I want to lookup values.

Vlookup formula with embeded indirect works file as long as target file is open.
The moment I close the target file all results turn to ref error.

I want to get the values without opening file.

Pl help.




Gord Dibben

Did you check out Excel Help on indirect function?

In part it reads: •If ref_text refers to another workbook (an
external reference), the other workbook must be open. If the source
workbook is not open, INDIRECT returns the #REF! error value.

If not, time to do so perhaps.


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