INDEX_all pages for word in text mentioned in index



Hi. maybe quite strange question...
Isit possible to link somehow special word in document for all pages appear
in index?
it is hard to describe so here is example:

let me tell that on page 13, 40 and 85 is word "book". And what I want is
that in index will be something like...

book ............................(page no.:) 13, 40, 85

Is that possible or I want too much from MS WORD?






Jay Freedman

Select the word or phrase in one place. Go to Insert > Reference > Index &
Tables. Click the Mark Entry button. In the dialog that appears, click the
Mark All button. That will insert an XE field at each place in the document
where that word or phrase appears (but only once per page). The index will
then appear the way you want.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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