Index is not respecting index styles in Word 2007



I'm working in an index document that is pulling index entries from other
documents in the same folder.

I am using the "Bulleted" index format and have specified different fonts
for the Index Heading, Index 1, Index 2, and Index 3 styles so that they
match my document. However, when I update the index, Word is using the
default fonts for the headings (Cambria) and index entries (Calibri) even
though those fonts are not used at all in my template. Sometimes I can get it
to respect the styles I've specified, but then it's not for all instances of
the style. And sometimes the entry text will be in the wrong font, but the
page numbers will be in the correct font.

Please help! This is my first indexing adventure in Word 2007 and I'm stumped.


How did you create your "index document"? Is this a master document? Make
sure that the subdocuments and the master document do not have conflicting
style definitions. Also make sure that the fonts are not specified as "+Body"
as this will make them use the fonts of the applied theme.

If you are in fact using master documents, you may want to read this as well:

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