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Nicky Castermans

Hey there,

I'm gonna need a fast reply on this if possible cause I have exams tomorrow.
I'm using an Enumerator to go through a collection, and want to remove the
object I'm searching when it is found. So now i need a way to get the index
of this object in the collection, but I can't figure out how
Here is a part of my code

Private Sub haalBtn_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles haalBtn.Click
Dim licensepl As String
Dim voertuig1 As Voertuig
Dim lezer As IEnumerator
Dim tijd As Date = Now()
Dim kosten As Double
Dim seconds, pos As Integer

licensepl = getnumTB.Text
lezer = autos1.GetEnumerator
While lezer.MoveNext
voertuig1 = lezer.Current
pos = CInt(autos1.Item(lezer.Current))
If voertuig1.Nummerplaat.Equals(licensepl) Then
seconds = DateDiff(DateInterval.Second, tijd, voertuig1.Geplaatst())
kosten = seconds * 2
tel1 = autos1.Count
garage1.Text = CStr(tel1)
End If
End While

Thanks in advance

Roy Soltoff

Since you recover the object, use the IndexOf method to get the index. Check
that out in the documentation on the collection base class.

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