Increase width of 'Refers to' box



I have a few Defined Names in a file, and need to edit the formula in the
Refers to box. However, the formulae is too long for all of it to be visible
in the box. And when I try and use the arrows on my keyboard, it starts to
add unwanted cell references to the formula. Is there a way of widening the
size of the Refers to box or maybe just an easier way to navigate to the end
of the formula? Thanks.



Dave Peterson

You can't widen the Insert|Name dialog (well, in xl2003 and earlier), but you
can hit F2 instead.

F2 toggles between Point, Edit, Enter mode.
(watch the statusbar and you'll see an indicator)

Since you're working with names, you may want to try Jan Karel Pieterse's (with
Charles Williams and Matthew
Henson) Name Manager:


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