Increase Indent problem



Word 2003 SP2

I have an unusual situation.

Looking with "Formatting in Use", one paragraph says Normal.
The next paragraph had the Increase Indent toolbar button applied to a
Normal paragraph.
For some strange reason, the Increase Indent paragraph still says Normal in
the Formatting in Use even though the paragraph is obviously indented. This
situation only appears for this document. If I create a new document, the
Increase Indent creates a "Left: 36 pt" as expected. The document with the
problem is important so I would like to correct this unusual problem.
Copying it to a blank document does not seem to help. Any feedback on how to
correct it is appreciated.


Hi John

Very odd. Have you tried open and repair? On a copy of the document to be on
the safe side.

MOS Master Instructor major overhaul completed 26/4/07

If this post answered your question please let us know as others may be
interested too


Isn't there a way to disable format tracking? If it can be done on a document
basis, perhaps this document has turned it off?


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