Incomplete text wrap within a single cell



I am having a problem that I have never encountered before. I am entering
data in individual cells that I have copied and pasted from e-mails. The
information is arranged as a list of 1,2,3, etc. separated by a two carriage
returns, creating a space inbetween each number of the list. I am pasting
this information into a cell by selecting the cell, then using the "paste"
function and pasting the text directly into the text box for the cell.
However, this has caused a unique issue to arise. In some cases, the text
listed after the first couple of numbers wraps around and can be seen
completely over 2 or more lines. However, in the same cell, the text that
follows one or more of the numbers at the end of the list do not wrap and are
move to the right of the screen as a single line. This happens regardless of
whether the box is set up as text wrap before I paste the text in the cell or
not. It also does not occur in all of the cells, it starts with different
item #'s on the list, and even has occurred with just the final line of the
final item # in a list in one cell as opposed to the entire text associated
with that item #. I have been unable to correct this and am curious if
anyone else have ever encountered instances where pasted text in a single
cell does not all act uniformly to the cell's formatting when it comes to
wrapping text.


Well, I can confirm that the same problem happened to me. I worked and
worked on it and asked for help here and was told it's a bug/feature of
Excel. My needs were such that I ended up copying the entire thing to MS
Word to print it out in a readable fashion.

Sorry that I don't have anything more positive to pass along.

good luck.

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