Include file in ASP.NET



Hello, how ru all,

I have created a user control in which my site links are created and then i
added this control to all of my ASP.NET pages but there is some problem in
Table adjustment in all of pages no any html table tag implemented on user
control so page Table could not adjust so pls tell me what i do for get rid
of this situation.

Ray Costanzo [MVP]

This is basically impossible to answer without seeing the resultant HTML of
a sample page or something like that. CAn you post the HTML?

<!-- control output here -->
<!-- page output here -->

Scott Allen

It sounds like you are having problems with the layout of your page.

Could you provide a specific example of what is not working with code?


Yes i have problem in the page layout, page layout does not set so pls tell
me the solution, Thanks.

Scott Allen

Ray and I are trying to tell you that we don't have enough information
to even tell you what the problem is.

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