In Word 2003 down arrow key does not move cursor down but inserts



When using Word 2003, when hitting the left, right and up arrow keys it
results in moving the cursor left, right or up, as expected.
However, when hitting the down arrow key, the cursor does not move down, but
instead, a square shape character is inserted in the text.
How do I restore Word 2003 to enable me to move the cursor down and not
insert characters when hitting the down arrow key?
Thanks in advance.

Pesach Shelnitz


The first thing that you should check is whether the Down key has been
accidentally assigned to something else. To do this, on the Tools menu, click
Customize. In the Customize dialog box, click Keyboard. In the Customize
Keyboard dialog box, click inside the Press new shortcut key text box and
press the Down key. The Down key should be assigned to LineDown. If it is
assigned to something else, in the Categories list, select All Commands, and
in the Commands list, select LineDown. Then click in the Press new shortcut
key text box, press the Down key, click Assign, and close the open dialog

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