In How to open a project in SOurce COntrol



Hi Every one,
I am currently using Visual Studio .Net and trying to open a project from
SourceSafe and once i open the project for the first time i get the
following error/warning...

"The binding information for this solution could not be retrieved from its
source control provider. This solution may have been placed under source
control with a different provider configuration from the current one.

To keep source control working for this solution, Visual Studio will now
check out the solution file so that the binding information can be saved in
it. However if the check out fails and the solution is closed without
saving, the next time it is opened, the solution file will no longer appear
to be under source control."

So after i click ok it asks me to check out the ".sln" and if i don't check
it out next time the project does not appear under the source control. So
my question is first what does exactly the warning message is. and if i
check out the .sln file what happens if another member from the team wants
to access the same project we he still be able to open the same project thru
source safe and then continue?

Please help.

Thank you



Alin Constantin [MSFT]

This error appears when different versions of SourceSafe are used by team
members, or when the extensions lists for team members don't match.

Let me explain: VSS creates a mssccprj.scc files for files whose extensions
are specified in SourceSafeExplorer / Tools /Options / FileTypes tab /
Create SCC File list. This file is used to track the location in the VSS
database of those files. Normally this list contains the extensions of known
solution and projects files (sln, vbproj, vcproj, mdp, etc). When a source
control provider like VSS is able to create the mssccprj.scc file,
VisualStudio will not write real source control information in the project
and solution files (this helps during branching), and instead will use the
information written in the mssccprj.scc file.

Now, if a User1 has 'sln' (let's say) specified in the extension list, when
the adds a solution to scc, the solution file will not contain the real
location of the file in source control. When User2 opens from source control
the solution with an older VSS version that doesn't have 'sln' specified in
the extension list, VisualStudio cannot retrive the real bindings from the
solution file, and cannot retrieve them from mssccprj.scc either, because
for him VSS does not create this file.
Therefore VS displays the warning message you saw, and attempts to checkout
the file, to write the real bindings in the solution/project file.

To fix this problem, you have two options:
a) make sure all developpers have the same extensions specified in the list
from SourceSafeExplorer / Tools /Options / FileTypes tab / Create SCC File
b) accept the checkout, save the solution/project files, and check in. The
rest of the team members should be able to use the project/solution file
after that no matter what extensions they have specified in their extensions



Joe Masters

It's telling you that it can't find the correct information in the .sln
file. It wants to check out the file and correct it. Other developers should
see the warning as well, until someone corrects (or rather lets VStudio
correct) it.


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