In Excel 2007, can you add "custom" formats to number format dropd


Robin B!

In Excel 2007 on the "Home" tab there is a "Number" section, which provides a
dropdown list that gives you the following options:
. General
. Number
. Currency
. Accounting
. Short Date
. Long Date
. Time
. Percent
. Fraction
. Scientific
. Text
. More Number Formats ...

When you select "More Number Formats, you can build a "Custom" format. I
have to use the following format frequently "[$-409]mm/dd/yyyy h:mm AM/PM;@".

I was wondering if there is a way to add that custom format to the dropdown
list so that I don't have to manually rebuild it every time I need to use it.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



Gord Dibben

Unfortunately custom formats are saved with the workbook and are not global.

I would create a macro in Personal.xlsx to format cells with your format.

sub test()

Selection.NumberFormat = "[$-409]mm/dd/yyyy h:mm AM/PM;@"

end sub

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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