In Excel 2003 print headings is unable to be used



When I go to Page Setup >Sheet the Print headings options are greyed out so I
cannot select any rows or culmns for this. The document spans 8 pages. I have
set the print area (but it is also greyed out in the Sheet options)
Is this feature printer specific? ie will some printers support this and
others won't?



Dave Peterson

Did you get to the page setup dialog via PrintPreview?

If yes, just try file|page setup.

Lots of options are disabled when you go through printpreview.

(And if your worksheets are grouped, some options are not available, too--on the
Sheet tab of that dialog for instance.)

George Nicholson

How are you getting to Page Setup?

When accessed via PrintPreview, some of the settings are greyed out. This is
true for everyone, by design. No way around it.
When accessed via File>PageSetup, all options *should* be available. If they
aren't, let us know & maybe someone can assist.



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