In a lookup column, looking up multiple fields, can I change whic.



In a table of "internal training", I have a lookup column which looks up an
employee key, employee last name, and employee first name. When I try to
include this in a report, only the employee key is displayed. Is there a way
to display the first and last names instead?




Hi, Thunder.

Sure. Create a query that includes your Internal Training and Employee
tables. If you've created a relationship or used the same field names,
Access will display a relationship between the Employee Key and its foreign
key counterpart in Internal Training. If not, establish the link by dragging
one to the other.

Select the fields from each table that you wish to use in your report,
including the first and last names and save your query.

The query now behaves just like a table--base your report on the query and
you can place the names, or a calculated field such as:

= [LastName] & ", " & [FirstName]

Hope that helps.

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