Improvements to Windows Messenger?



I've been using windows xp for some time now and I can't
help but thank the creators for putting so much work into
the user interface. Unfortunately, there's one thing I
feel they didn't put enough work into... the windows
messenger interface. It's sound effects must be at least
three years old... they may even be from around the time
of MSN messenger's birth. Not to mention initial screen
you see when you start Windows messenger sizes up in no
way to the one from MSN Messenger. It almost seems like
a replica of something close to MSN Messenger 3.6. I
think it just needs that little "spark" that Windows XP
was so committed to providing. If there is anyone out
there who is in a position of authority enough to set the
record straight and bring Windows Messenger back into the
sky where it belongs, could you please let them know?
Thanks for any help.

Jonathan Kay [MVP]

Greetings Dave,

Actually the sounds are second generation I believe -- there was another set fo sounds in the
earlier versions of MSN Messenger. As well, MSN Messenger 5 and 6 have a newer set (which
using the applet in the Sound and Audio Devices, you can set to the Windows Messenger sounds
as well).

Actually, assuming we're comparing MSN Messenger 6 and Windows Messenger, I know plenty of
people that do in fact prefer the Windows Messenger interface (and refuse to use MSN
Messenger 6 for that reason). The next version of Windows Messenger (5), which will be
arriving quite shortly, has exactly the same interface as the current version of Windows
Messenger, but I do agree, Windows Messenger could use a new (or at least improved) interface
from what it has today.
Jonathan Kay
Windows MVP, Messenger
Associate Expert
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