importprf via login script (GPO)



I have a weird problem. I have created a PRF file using Custom Maintenance
Wizard from Office Resource Kit 2003. I have placed the outlook.prf file in a
share where everyone has read permissions. I have set up a login script GPO
on the users OU under User Configuration. I have done gpupdate /force. When
users login, the GPO should result in the outlook.exe /importprf
\\sharename\folder\outlook.prf command to execute and configure the outlook.
I found out it works well only if the login user is a local administrator on
the PC. The GPO does not appear to execute at all for others (non local
admin). I do not see the Outlook come up at all for these users who are in
the same OU and I do see the gpresult showing the GPO took effect for these
users! Any ideas?

Someone suggested I try runas to run the command as an administrator. While
I am confident that would solve my problem, unfortunately runas does not have
a switch for password. It only has a /user switch for specifying a user, but
it prompts for the password during execution. That obviously will not work
for me in a login script.

Any pointers will be appreciated. Thanks.


I use a script to do the same thing without any permissions issues. The issue
i have is that it starts outlooks and starts to download the users mail. The
problem with this is that my desktop guys are sick of outlook running
everytime they log into a new system. I am look for a switch or something to
run this without it starting outlook or prompting the user.

Systinte I would be happy to share my script with ya. For some odd reason i
can not post up here right now. send me an email at (e-mail address removed) and ill
send it over for you to look at. My script checks to see if the person
logging in is a new user on the system. if they are then it runs the PRF.

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