Importing Text from Outlook into Excel



Hello. Is there a way to import text from an e-mail into Excel? The format
of the text in outlook includes numbers, addresses, city, state, zip code,
and other text. Is there a way to import this information from an Outlook
e-mail into Excel and transpose it as one row in Excel?


There are a number of ways of importing from Outlook to Excel. Most require
a macro. You can simply try copying and pasting the data and then rearanging
the data in excel. Other method you can use is to export the data from
outlook to a text file (like csv) and then importing the data into excel.

Without more details there is no simple answer.


The format is in paragraphs in Outlook. I have tried to copy over from
Outlook but it won't re-align in Excel. Is there a convert text to rows
function in Excel. Thanks!


Here are things to try

1) Try using PasteSpecial when pasting into excel and select Text.
2) Select Destination Cell and then Paste Data into F(x) box at top of
worksheet instead of directly into cell
3) Paste Data into NotePad. You can make changes in notepad if needed.
Then Copy from NotePad and Paste into Excel. You can also try 1 and 2 above
when pasting.

I can also write macro to move the rows to columns but I would need a sample
of what the data looks like. See how othe people post their data. Look at
the Excel Programming site for examples.


Thanks, Joel.

Here is what the data looks like:

GGG: 2845034292
123 Main Street
RRR: 12345678
SSS: 129000338990

Will you be able to write a macro for that?


I usually can write a macro do to any sort of data manipulation. Need more
data to see the patterns. I have a few questions.

1) Some lines have colons and some don't. Shoud the lines without colons be
combined with the previous line.


GGG: 2845034292
123 Main Street

GGG: 2845034292 123 Main Street

2) Are the three letter codes before the colon (GGG, RRR, SSS) are going to
be the column Headers for the data.

3) How do I tell when a new entry/contact starts. Usually with e-mail type
information the 1st line would be a name. I can't tell from you sample data
which is the 1st line of a new contact. Each contact will be in a seperate
row in the final results and I don't know when to start putting data into the
next row. Is there a blnak row between entries or does each entry start with
the same code like "GGG:".

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