Importing .pst files from Outlook 2000 to 2007



I am running Office Home Biz 2007, with Outlook2007, and need to import my
Office 2000 Outlook .pst file. I saved this as October 2007.pst, and put on
my new home system, running Vista Home Basic.

When I try to import, nothing happens. I have even tried manually replacing
the Outlook.pst file in c:\users\user\appdata\local\microsoft\outlook by
renaming the current .pst to .old, and copying the Office 2000 .pst into its
place. No luck. I tried importing into Windows Vista Mail as well, with no
luck. I have a second .pst file from my system I made as a backup, which also
doesn't work.

I do File/Import from another File, then choose .pst, then browse to my
desktop where I put the old .pst file, then don't really care about
duplicates for now, select Personal Folders to import from (and include
subfolders) - nothing happens.

I also tried to import from Outlook Express 4, 5, 6 or Windows Mail, also
with no luck. At one point, I was able to import my old .pst into Windows
Mail, and then take that into Outlook 2007, but I had to rebuild my system
and now I can't eve do that. Can anyone help?


If you looked through the outlook groups you would see this question is
posted daily, several times, and that Import/Export is not recommended.

You have now probably corrupted both your Outlook Profile and the
outlook.pst's at the default location.
Use the Mail Applet to create a new Profile, with new data file,
configure/test the accounts.(delete all pst's at the default location, if
you can, first)
Copy (a new copy) your old pst file to some other location, e.g. the new
Vista My Documents. (ensure any read only flag is off, if you used a cd)
Within OL, File>Open>Data File........browse to this location.
If necessary copy data from this old file to your new data file

Why not use the old file as the default:- Because its the older format and
has the inherent size issue, the new unicode format doesnt have the size
issue, and is apparently more robust.
Also as I understand it copying a file to the Vista/Outlook default location
gives rise to Vista permissions issues, also overwritting a pst corrupts it.


Unfortunately, I do not have the time to be on this board for extensive
reading. Thank you for your response. However, I am not an Outlook expert
and, for starters, I don't know how to "create a new profile," even as step

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